[sticky post]Updated Perfume Sales List - Possets, BPAL, Nocturne Alchemy, Vapothecary, Wild Hybrid
Hi everyone, I'm based in Australia and would like to destash some of my stuff.

Postage to Australia: $2 for samples and $8 for bottles.
Postage to the US: $3 for samples (if it fits into a letter mailer) and $14 for bottles.

Any other internationals, let me know where you are and what you are interested in and I will do a postage quote for you.

Payment by paypal to:

Feedback: Ebay:

All samples & bottles will be wrapped up in bubble wrap and plumber's tape to prevent leakage. No swaps please - sales only. I always add extras.

If you have any questions, leave a message below! All prices in USD.

BPAL LEs or Discontinued - $4 unless otherwise stated and at least 85% full.

Golden Wave
Pink Snowballs 2011
Halloween Las Vegas
Beaver Moon 2010 1/2 full $3.50

Possets - Bottles all below are $10 and tested once.

Alizarin Pink - Lemon like but with the zest again and slightly bitter and then a delayed musk which is dry and emollient, followed with a roseate side.

Delish - a woodier part of the coconut, "incense" balsam pine. a small amount of pineapple which is a sweetener for the balsam. 1/2 bottle $5

Doomed Love - Somewhat high keyed and exquisite, this is a base of Arabian Amber-Musk, studded with English sweetbriar lying on a bed of silk extract

Feral 2012 - Musks, crystaline and Africa, combine with a very unshy dose of copal, and a strong blanket of pumpkin candy-like essence tops it off

High Born Damsel - There isn't anything more refreshing and tingling good than a dark chocolate mint.

Jefferson - Skin musk and light green amber are put together in a seamless and thoroughly harmonious way with a touch of galbanum for zest.

Pumpkin Tied Up, Covered With Honey, And Licked All Over - Pumpkin of the most smooth variety, combined with large lashings of buttercrunch, honey, and crystalized honey. THE gourmandy of gourmandy fragrances.

Samples: These are all tested slightly and have varying fill levels of at least 3/4. All are $2 below unless otherwise indicated.

Besotted - The sweetest of background music in true honey and fruit scent marries with a light lemon for frivolity, this combined with a grounding of white musk and a kiss of spice to keep things eternally interesting. Small amounts of sweetbriar & cinnamon keep it from being too cloying

Betsy - Very deep bass notes of patchouli, labdenum, vetiver, and oud All the spices of Arabia, Africa, and the Orient blended together with a huge shot of the sweetest and most high keyed musk.

Haute Love - chocolate covered ginger which is forced to marry a gooey sticky sweet and all consuming center

Passion - A supersaturated chocolate solution of chocolated chocolate with a smooth chocolate interior and a chocolate shell covered in chocolate sauce and floating in a puddle of chocolate.

Violette Market - Decants - These are $2.50 each and tested once.

Chocolate Antlion - Dark chocolate, vanilla lace wings, cocoa absolute, white amber, blond woods and sugared tuberose.

General Store: Raw Agave Sugar -  Raw agave sugar dried in the desert sun.

Penny Candy Carrot Cremes - Sweet and nostalgic confections of carrot creme covered in a delicate dusting of powdered sugar.

Violette Market - Bottles - $10 each unless otherwise stated.

Penny Candy Sugared Lavender and Black Amber (6ml roller ball) - Sweet and nostalgic confections of black amber and lavender covered in a delicate dusting of powdered sugar.

Midway - A sweet, nostalgia-inducing array of sugared elephant ears, funnel cake, pink cotton candy, candied apples, black cherry tartlets, the heat of August, and laughter carried into the night sky. 1/3 bottle $5

The Castle at Merculis - 1/2 bottle $5

Nocturne Alchemy - Samples/Decants - These are $2.50 each & are at least 75% full

Eternal Egypt Naliday blend - Beautiful White Amber, soft Red Egyptian Musk, exotic Egyptian Amber and the sands of Egypt limestone notes. Enhanced: Egyptian Black Tea with spices of nutmeg and white clove and the spiciness of Masala Chai.

Eternal Ankh Naliday Blend - White Amber, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, African White Vanilla and the scent of soft Egyptian Sands, Blue Lotus, White Calla Lily and a drop of essential Chrysanthemum and Mahogony oils

Eternal Cairo - Egyptian Amber, Egyptian Red Amber, White Amber and Egyptian Musk.

Vapothecary Samples/Decants - These are $2.50 each and are at least 75% full

Monster Party ~ Black tart Apples resting in a vat of hot buttered rum mingling with spices of Halloween Cider stirred with a black licorice stick and a pinch of pumpkin pie all aged in a cedar barrel with a piece of oak taken from an oak tree in a cemetery.

Ahm Shere - Amber, Limestone Amber, Egyptian Musk (White, Red, Blue and Aswan Musk), Kyphi Lunar (28 ingredients) and Lapis Lazuli dust.

Day of the Dead

Halloween 2011 - Autumn Halloween all spiced up with Fresh Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Allspice, Ginger, Pureed Pumpkin, Raw Carrot, White Rum, Black Fig and Vanilla Sugar Liquer.

Halloween 2012

Nocturne Alchemy Bottles - These are also $15 each and tested once.

Pomegranate Kobalt Crimson LE - Kobalt Vanilla Orchid, Red Egyptian Musk (Crimson), a touch of Amber, Sandalwood and the blissful and sensual Pomegranate Fruit fusion of perfume from Bastet's Holiday Garden.

Nokturne Crimson Rez FEx- Pure 100% Imported Red Egyptian Musk.

Bastet's Honey Cherry Blossom - Original Egyptian Cherry Blossom maintaining the sensuality of Egyptian Cherry Blossom, Amber Musk, Mimosa and Sandalwood and *adding a drop of Nokturne:Kashmir (Deep Red Musk), Nokturne:Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Black Honey and a few drops of Black Peppercorn.

Mummy Daddy X - A decadent mummified scent of soft un-bitter Egyptian coffee, Organic Cardamummy, Roasted Chestnut and Hazelnut entombed with a subtle dusting of Black Amber and quiet vanilla bean...very quiet...almost like a resting dust set upon Mummy Daddy's Sarcophagus. And a touch of chai.

Pomegranate Moonstone - The essence of vanilla bean from Nokturne: Moonstone, big red pomegranates, Egyptian Patchouli Noir and Anise (of Cairo), Italian Cassis and a stick of Cinnamon Bark.

Sarcophagus - Sweet Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Blueberry, Apples, Amber, Pumpkin

Strawberry Crystalline - Nile Fresh Strawberry delicately balanced in a blend of Red Apple and soft Pink Jasmine notes poured over by the essence of Nokturne:Crystalline and the pureness of the stigma of a Vanilla Orchid.

Wild Hybrid Bottles - Below are $12 tested twice.

Apple of My Eye - Crisp apple, cassis, ginger lily, hops and clean musk.

Blue Queen - Spiced plum, lavender, blueberry, blue spun sugar, cassis, labdanum, ambergris accord, blue musk and softly lapping waves.

Emerald Swallowtail - Lime, fern sap, fig and cinnamon wafers.

Emmy - Strong black tea, blush tea roses, geranium and pink musk

Goblin - Pumpkin, oozing pumpkin vine sap, hazelnut and nag champa.

Spiked Chocolate - Hot chocolate laced with rum, gingerbread cookies and toasted hazelnuts.

Fairy Princess - Strawberry, sugar, cananga, pink musk, petitgrain, amyris and holy basil.

Summer Carnival - Two rich vanillas, candy floss and crisp, brown summer grass.

Tea in London - Black Earl Grey tea and cinnamon buns

Transformed - Tears of despair, ocean spray, dossinia, white cognac, pear, coconut, watermelon and gardenia.

Samples - All below are varying fill levels of at least 75%. $2 each.

Reinette - Lime, palo santo, cananga, lavender and crystalline musk

Violet Spider Crab - Muscadine, lavender, lilac and benzoin.

Sugared Rose - Roses dusted with vanilla sugar and with an Indian musk background

Persephone - Pomegranate, frankincense, myrrh, a pale patchouli and benzoin

Countess di Castiglione - Spiced musk, sugar, honey, honeysuckle, ginger, violet and a little spilled blood red wine

Apollo -  Vanilla musk, vanilla, cardamom and frankincense.


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Hi there, if they are still available I'd love to take the following samples:

Bad Catholics
Buttermilk Pie
Diaphonous Dress
Libby the Classic Halloween Cat
Sloe Byrne
Chocolate Blue Velvet Ant
Chocolate Horse Lubber Grasshopper
Philtre #5 Embrace

I'm in Australia (Adelaide).

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hiya, just checking if you still wanted the bottles? If you pay today, I can get it out tomorrow, otherwise I'll be away until next week.

(Deleted comment)
Awesome, they are all available. Just checking that was the Bar Sinister Bottle? Your total is $28 USD with shipping.

Please paypal the email at the top of the post and add your username and shipping address as reference and I'll let you know once I send it out :)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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Hi! This post is pretty old, but I figured it's worth asking - I'm interested in your bottle of Arcana Bloom (and probably some other things to make shipping to the states worthwhile), is that still available?

Hello, Yup Bloom is still available. Let me know what else you're keen on and I'll check if I still have it.

Hi, are the following still available? If so, I'll take them (shipping is to Sydney):

- Syllabub
- Sex Juice
- Hearth
- Nokturne Duality: Honey Kobalt FEx
- Golden Butterscotch Marshmallow Ghost Tree LE
- Salted Crystal Scaramel (FEX)
- Morphine
- Ghost - 60% full $8

- Eternal Luxor Summer
- Boo!

Hiya, All of those are available except Nokturne Duality: Honey Kobalt FEx and Salted Crystal Scaramel. I also have to go home and check if I still have the Eternal Luxor Summer sample.

The total is $70 + $8 shipping. Will get back to you later.

Okay everything's here for you. When you're ready, please paypal $78 USD to (with your address included) and I'll send it out for you.

I'll take Sugared Rose, Rose Spotted Moth, and Pink Snowballs 2011, if still available.

Sugared Rose and Pink Snowballs are available, but I can't find Rose Spotted Moth. Is there something else you wanted? Also where are you located?

Hi :)

I'll take these if they're available:

Sea of Glass
The Ghost
Alizarin Pink (sample)
Giant Slide
General Store: Milkweed
Blue Lotus Diamond SE
Pomegranate Moonstone
Plum Kashmir
Star Goddess
Mister Mummy
Cafe Rendezvous

Awesome, I've got all of them except for Alizarin Pink which has been taken.

The total for these is $45.50. Can you let me know where you're located?

Shipping to the US/CAn is $14 or Australia is $8. Once you're ready, send the total via paypal ( with your address included and I'll send it out.

id love sugar skulls agape id puppy love and because the curiosity is just too much ghost farts

Awesome, the total for those ones is $54 USD. Depending on where you're located, shipping is $14 for the US/Canada or $8 for Australia. Once you're ready to pay, paypal with the total and include your address, and I'll send it out next week.

Hiya, just letting you I've posted it out today. Let me know when it arrives!

Hello again! I always look forward to your sales and make long wishlists!

I am interested in the following samples this time around:

BPAL GC: Zephyr & Shoggoth
BPAL LE/discontinued: Gollettes, WILF, Durian Fruit Infused Honey Brandy, IO, Lilith vs The Giant Crab, Mlle. Lilith, Fortune Teller
Possets: 301, Sahelian Kingdom, The Feather of Maat, Tranquillity
Violette Market: Banana Taffy Pull
Nocturne Alchemy: Serpentine Ankh, Tut Ankh Amun Fall, Karkade, Eternal Aswan

Can you let me know the total? I'm in NSW. TY.

Hello there, good to see you again! I have all of them here for you, except for Sahelian Kingdom and the Feather of Maat.

The total is $43.50 + $2 shipping = $45.50 USD.

Could you transfer and include your address, I'll let you know once I send it out :)

This has just been sent to your PayPal account plus a bit extra to cover the fees.

Would you be able to put the "Updated on (date you last edited)" on the original post and maybe tag any new items you list later?

Thanks, Sophie

Awesome, thanks so much Sophie! I will do that, lol you're usually the only one who comes back ;) but to be honest, I won't have any more to add.

I'm back for more ;)

This time I'm interested in:

Feral 2012
Monster Party
Mummy Daddy X

Let me know if they're available and I will send payment ASAP

Awesome, glad to have you back! :D

I've got all of those, total is $46.50 plus the $8 shipping. Once you're ready to transfer, let me know and I'll send it out :)

*nudge* Can you update and date your list up the top to show what's still available? I'm considering coming back for more. Thx. ;)

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